Puppy school

Socialising with your puppy

Why do I need puppy socialising classes?

What puppies learn from the age of 3-16 weeks is retained and has an influence on their future behaviour.Socializing means they learn to be able to cope with everyday human activities such as household noises, being touched and handled by strangers, traveling in cars, and meeting other dogs without being aggressive or afraid. A socialized dog will be a happy one and lots of behaviour problems can be avoided. It plays a critical role in minimizing aggression in adult dogs. When meeting other dogs they would rather want to play than fight. Puppies get taken away from their mothers before she can finish her “training” to be a good dog. She teaches the puppies bite inhibition, communication and skills to be a balanced dog. When we take them away before that is done, we need to continue this training to make sure they are happy and balanced. And we also encourage the human-dog bond.

What will we learn?

  • Basic obedience e.g. Sit, Lie Down, Stand and Walking on a leash
  • Confidence building e.g. going through tunnels, walking over bridges, different surfaces etc
  • Coping with Vet’s examination, and a trip to the vet will be a positive experience
  • How to teach them to stay, and to come when called
  • And you get lots of information on feeding, vaccination and behaviour problems

When can I start puppy school?

Puppies must have their first and second vaccinations before enrolling in puppy school. That should be around 10-12 weeks of age. Proof of vaccinations must be presented at registration. The earlier you start the easier the puppy learns. Puppies older than 5 months can’t enroll.

When and where?

Saturdays at 13:30 until 15:00 at Noordheuwel Animal Clinic, 221 Bell Dr. Noordheuwel.

Duration of the course?

6 Weeks


Please contact the clinic for the latest prices.


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