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  • We as Pet Care Professionals like our work. We are doing what we have dreamed off since we were kids and we have studied to love and care for animals. We can only fulfil our basic mission of helping our patients to be happy and healthy through a well equipped modern veterinary care hospital and a team of passionate and dedicated team of pet health care professionals.
  • With our modern veterinary facility we can render comprehensive patient care.
  • Our hospital wards include an isolation ward for infectious diseases.The hospital includes a surgical theatre. The isolation ward is specifically designed with infectious health barriers and protocols in place to treat highly contagious infections such as Parvo Virus – the so called Cat flu (although a misnomer ) and other.
  • Our cages are hygienic and warm with special foam mattresses for large dogs and cosy bedding for smaller pets. We employ personnel just to ensure that all pets are well cared for, receive tender loving care and are comfortable and well cared for. Our wards are designed with large observation windows to be under direct veterinary observation at all times. Our Anaesthetic recovery , Intensive Care Cages and Post Surgical recovery cages are under direct supervision of attending veterinarians and other hospital care personnel.
  • Our Prep Room and cages are metres away from our outside pet stroll area and gardens. Our gardens are a must see and here owners can visit their pets.
  • We have well lit, heated outside cages for large pets to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Diagnostic procedures and equipment (including endoscopic examinations)

We have a large range of equipment for thorough diagnostic tests on animals. With our flexible endoscopes we can examine the interior of animals in an atraumatic manner to visual various internal problems.

In house laboratory testing and services

We do our own basic biochemical and haematological testing on our premise. This helps with the quick and early diagnosis of diseases, monitoring of treatment and help with evidenced based medicine.

Radiological (X-ray) and ultra sound imaging (sonar)

X-rays (Radiological Imaging) are taken and evaluated on site. Our sonar machine assists with examining and imaging internal organs and disease processes as well as routine pregnancy scans.

24 hours pet care for hospitalized patients

We are fortunate to have health care assistants 24/7 to care for in house patients. Vets are on 24/7 standby to assist these assistants with veterinary advice and aid and to help when needed.



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