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I am in shape; round is a shape isn’t it?

An astonishing 40% of dogs/cats that visit vets are overweight. The cause: US! Their pleading eyes melt our hearts, so we feed them human food or other treats.

The good news is weight loss doesn’t require surgery or medication; only patience and a few simple steps. Tasty food, fun exercise and vet guidance can help you get your pet into great shape.

We are associated with various highly qualified veterinary specialists for assistance with patients and / or referral.

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Causes of weight gain

Certain breeds are prone to obesity: Bassets, Beagles, Spaniels, Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Maltese Poodles and Staffordshire Terriers.

  • Sterilization/Castration
  • Certain diseases e.g. hypothyroidism
  • Medications e.g. corticosteroids
  • Owner influence: overfeeding, excessive/wrong treats, no exercise

Health risks/conditions:

Obese dogs/cats live up to 25% shorter lives than their slimmer friends. They are at risk for one or more of the following:

* Heart disease * Bone/joint stress
* High blood pressure * Muscle fatigue
* Respiratory problems * Intervertebral disc disease
* Heat stroke * Cruciate/other ligament rupture
* Diabetes * General anaesthetic risk
* Pancreatitis * Delayed wound healing
* Hypothyroidism * Decreased resistance to infection/disease
* Cushing’s disease * Non-allergic skin conditions
* Bladder infections * Impaired ability to groom
* Bladder stones * Difficulty giving birth
* Urinary incontinence * Mammary tumours
* Liver disorders * Constipation
* Cancer

An overweight dog/cat makes a difficult patient as it is difficult to examine him and to make a correct diagnosis.

How do I know my pet is overweight?

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