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Dr Johan Ferreira

The best we can do for our four legged friends is to treat them with respect, compassion and give them love. If you do see that they are not acting normally – it is most probably the start of a disease and seek veterinary help early. Prevent any serious diseases by following simple health plans and ensure that you are always in a financial position to give the best medical (veterinary) care by taking out a medical plan such as Petsure or one of the others available. This allows you to budget in a structured way to obtain treatment when necessary and have insurance against major and often costly problems. Avoid own induced problems by overfeeding (obesity) and feeding poor quality foods.

Born a Shark, studied at RAU (now University of Johannesburg) and University of Pretoria. Qualifications include a BSc(hons), BVSc (Veterinarian) and BVSc (hons). Completed and passed all subjects for Masters Degree in Veterinary Science. Was registered as member of the Royal College of Veterinarians, England. Started out doing research at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Research Institute and Lectured for 2 years as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort. Went into private practise at various veterinary clinics. Started own practice – Noordheuwel Animal Clinic in 1993.

“Since I have known, I loved to work with animals and biology and biochemistry intrigued me. I even bought my own microscope in Grade 8 (still in use). The reason I like being a Vet, is because I love and like working with animals. I know I can make a difference in their lives even if they cannot tell us what is wrong. I enjoy seeing people’s lives being enriched by their pets and to know that I can aid in this human-animal bond.”

Dr Carina Rynders

I am so proud of all my weight loss clinic patients (fab fighters) that shed so many kilo’s during the last month. Keep up the good work. You will soon reap te benefits of a healthy weight.

Graduated in 2009. Degrees in BSc (Veterinary Biology) and BVSc.

She has a special interest in surgery and a long term plan to obtain a specialist degree in surgery. During her free time she likes to read, to spend time with her 3 Daschies and to relax in nature.

The Staff

Carol Posthumus Practice Administration

Lydia Sebokholi Reception

Liana Olivier

Liana Olivier Reception


Lilly Moyo Parlour Supervisor & Reception


Nanette Ferreira Parlour Owner, Accounts & Marketing

Edwin Moshidi Kennel assistant


Albetro Moyo Kennel Assistant

Janine Hugo Vet Assistant | Puppy School

Clever Sibanda Kennel assistant

Phuthuma Mjingana Kennel assistant

Elias Moleho Groomer


Elsie Malobe Groomer


Betty Rapesiwa Groomer


Bongani Mpofu Groomer

Hunter Tsabadira General worker

Catharine Jentu General assistant


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