Prepare for surgery

10 ways to prepare for your pets surgery

  1. Please book in advance for routine surgery
  2. Your pet may not have any food and water after 22:00 the night before surgery. Geriatric patients can drink water until 6:00 on the day of surgery
  3. Please inform the doctor beforehand of any other special medications that your pet has to take
  4. Please inform the vet of any anti-imflammatory drugs that your pet took prior to surgery
  5. Patients must please bring prescription medication along as it can be possible that patients will have to stay in hospital for a day of two
  6. A prescribed aneasthetic panel will be appointed for any geriatric, debilitated pet or pets with specific conditions that has proven be an aneasthetic risk
  7. A sedative can be prescribed for aggressive and highly strung dogs. Please discuss it with the doctor beforehand
  8. Patients will be admitted at 7:30 on the day of surgery and will be discharged between 15:30 – 16:30 of the same day unless otherwise discussed or decided
  9. Please remove all leads, jewelry, collars and personal belongings before admitting your pet. No responsibility will be taken for any lost items
  10. Please follow all post operative instructions and don’t hesitate to phone the clinic in the case of any concerns, or abnormalities. Rather safe than sorry

Discharge instructions and wound-care

  • Check wound daily for redness, swelling, oozing, missing or loose stitches
  • Restrict exercise – leash walking only
  • Please collect a clic collar from the clinic if it appears that the animal is licking it’s stitches
  • Stitches will be removed after 14 days
  • Do not allow the dog to swim
  • Do not bath the dog
  • Dogs that were on heat before being sterilized, must be kept away from any male dogs for at least 2 weeks
  • If needed, the wound can be cleaned with diluted Dettol / Savlon – no excessive rubbing

NB!!! The primary wound and bandage care becomes the owner’s responsibility upon discharge from Noordheuwel Animal Clinic. It is an animal’s nature to lick it’s wounds. Unfortunately it can lead to excessive licking that will result in the stitches coming loose. This can cause infection and trauma.

Please observe your pet closely.




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