It’s good for you too

motivate your pet, excersice with him/her!

Dogs may be the best workout partners ever, but too many of them aren’t getting enough exercise. Nor are cats. Experts estimate that nearly 35 percent of pets today are overweight, which increases their risk for many serious conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, breathing problems, and heart disease.

Blame the pudgy pet problem on too many treats and not enough leash time. According to our friends at and celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson for, here are some great behavior modification tips to help make sure your pet is getting the exercise you need!

  1. Interval Walk
  2. Fetch Tease for Abs
  3. Squat Tease
  4. Dogstacle Course
  5. Dog Tag
  6. Fetch Races
  7. Dog Stairs
  8. Cat “Light” Abs
  9. Cat “Light” Cardio
  10. Curious Cat Curls

For a explanation and how to, see 10 ways to exercise with your pet



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