Good morning doctor….

7: 45. Hi. Good morning doctor, I see you are not busy this morning, no clients…

My morning started just before 6:00 – was called out for 2 dogs that were poisoned. Not yet properly dressed, I rushed to the clinic and still tired from the emergency the previous night. I am confronted with two critical dogs that are showing typical “Temic or Two step” poisoning – every owner’s and every vet’s nightmare. No forms / no questions – have to rush to save them. I put
both dogs on drips and treat appropriately. A long discussion with shocked, worried client follows.

  • Two dogs stabilized.
  • Do quick clinic rounds with 24/7 clinic staff about symptoms seen during the night
  • Have to examine and treat all the other animals in the clinic as their owners will phone at approximately 7:30 when the clinic opens, to find out about their progress
  • 4 Dogs examined, one X-rayed. 1 lab test done on another case
  • Go to Isolation unit – treat Parvovirus (“cat flu”) cases
  • Update histories on computer. Update accounts, interpret X-rays / lab tests
  • Check on poisoned cases

07:30 Clinic opens. Admit routine booked operations (2 spays / 3 castrations and 1 tumor removal and a dental). Premedicate them all with sedative and pain killers. Receptionist admits 4 grooms.

7:33 Do consultation – dog vomited during the night. Possible a Parvovirus case (cat flu). Admit – administer a drip – treat. Disinfect consultation room and prep room to prevent possible transmission of Parvovirus to other animals.

7:38 Owners + parents+ grandparents and cousins come to visit poisoned dogs. Sedate aggressive dog that has to be groomed.

7:40 Take two calls from concerned owners. About X-ray case (emergency from previous night – motor vehicle accident) and one Parvovirus case.

7:45 Consultation room finally empty. Almost started to drink my coffee that was made at 7:30

7: 45 Hi, good morning doctor, I see you are not busy this morning, no clients…



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